Images on the website are geniune?

3D images of products are shown to display minute features of the adornments which are difficult to be easily by naked eye.
The macro features, color and shape would be 100% same and with no slight variation. We ensure that exact same images is displayed for every product.

Where can I view my sales receipt?

You will receive and email of the order details. You can inquire a sales receipt via WhatsApp 03344777917 or email

How can I return an item?

You can connect via WhatsApp or Email to share your problem with the product. If the product was different to what was ordered, or damaged,
you can ask for a free return or replacement for the product. If you have changed your mind,
you can return the product if it is not make to order product like customized products

Will you restock items indicated as “out of stock?”

If depends. Mostly, products are restocked on a monthly basis. But since we import and not manufacture,
sometimes product would be delisted after a month or two due to continous unavailability.

Is product quality guaranteed?

Yes. The product quality is 100% guaranteed. However, fair use policy also applies. For example, heavy stress,
extensive use of perfumery on silver based jewelries, and frequent interaction with water, soap and other cleanaries would shorten the life of silver plating.
If jewelries are fairly used and gets decolored very fast, you are entitled for a free return or exchange for the purchased product .



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